Fully Computerized and Bar Coding Facilities
Use of Biometric System - Photo, Finger Print, and Complete Identity of the donor to avoid input of Professional Donor.
GEL TECHNIQUE and Cross Matching for Blood grouping aided by Banjo the gel Card reader equipment with full documentations.
1800 Units storage capacity.
Facilities open round the clock 24 * 7
Equiped with :-
Evolis Twin Plus :- Fully automated walk away (BIO-RAD) open Elisa micro plate System in Blood Bank
Elisa - Auto Reader-4011 (SPAN)
Elisa - Auto Washer-4021 (SPAN)
Semi Automatic Coagulation Analyzer - Start 4 (SATGO, FRANCE) 4-Channel Coagulation instrument with intergrated printer Calculator.
Blood Bank Refrigereted Compofuge (KBM_70 Plus) Bucket
Ultra low freezer (-80c) BDI-4739 (REMI)
Quick freezer (Plasma-40c)-BDI-4642(REMI)
Blood Storage Cabinet - BDI - 3525 (REMI)
Blood Storage Cabinet - BDI - 3524 (REMI)
Platelet Incubator - Pl-10 plus. (REMI)
Platelet Agitator - PR-10 Plus
Cryoprecipitate Bath - CB-704
Tube Sealer - 1010 (TERUMO PANPOL)
Tube Sealer (INSIGNIA)
Blood Storage Cabinet (TERUMO PANPOL)
Blood Storage Cabinet = (BRC-300) (INSIGNIA)
Blood Collection Monitor - (INSIGNIA) Program initial volume of Blood to draw
Blood Collection Monitor (Baxter)
Laminar Air Flow
Banjo Gel Card reader from Biorad

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